Conference Participation Grant

Full-time faculty in Religious Education request funding for conference presentations when submitting their annual research and travel budget requests to their department chairs in August.  However, opportunities to present at or otherwise participate in scholarly conferences sometimes arise for which faculty could not plan when submitting their annual request to their department chair.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, you are invited to complete the accompanying application form to request additional funding for an RSC–Religious Education Conference Presentation Grant.  (For international conferences, you are also encouraged to apply for the Kennedy Center conference travel grant.)

Click here for a PDF copy of our conference participation grant application form.

This funding will now be provided from department monies, accessible by your application to your department chair, who will make the final decision about your request for a Conference Participation Grant.

While Religious Education does not guarantee that all faculty members will be able to participate in every conference they might wish to, your chair will work with you to fund as many justifiable conference presentations as possible with the resources available.

All conferences and all conference presentations are not of equal worth.  We encourage you to use wisdom as you consider your academic conference participation, taking into account such factors as:  (1) which of your (potential) presentations in a given year have higher priority for your personal scholarly endeavors, (2) the nature and status of the conference, and (3) the “return” that will accrue to you as a scholar and to BYU if money is spent for to you participate in a particular conference, including (4) the likelihood of your presentation leading to a quality publication.

Conference Participation Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Submit one to your department chair when the need arises. 

In order to expedite your application and to minimize expenditures on airline tickets, we expect your application to be submitted as soon as you receive notification of acceptance to present at or otherwise participate in a conference, which will generally be months before the conference takes place.

For funding consideration, complete the Conference Participation Grant Application form and submit it to your department chair for review.  If approved, your department secretary will notify you, and will transfer the funds to your research account. 

Contact your department chair or secretary with questions or for further information.