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Craig J. Ostler

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Department: Church History

Title: Professor

Office: 210B JSB

Phone number: (801) 422-2033

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Bio: Brother Ostler and his wife, Sandy, have 7 children. He served in the Bogotá, Colombia mission as a bishop and on two High Councils. Previous to coming to BYU he taught in the Church Education System. He has directed many BYU Travel Study Tours throughout the United States to American Heritage and Church History sites, as well as Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. He and his family lived in Jerusalem while he was a faculty member at the BYU Center for Near Eastern Studies.

Courses Taught: Doctrine and Covenants; Doctrines of the Gospel; New Testament

Areas of Expertise: Revelations and Doctrines of the Restoration, Church History sites

Areas of Research: Doctrines of the Restoration; Geography of the restoration and life of the Prophet Joseph Smith; Travel Guide to Church History sites; Influence of Sidney Rigdon in preparing a people in Ohio for the Restored Gospel

Languages: English, Spanish