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Kent Brooks

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Department: Church History

Title: Associate Professor

Office: 303C JSB

Phone number: (801) 422-3314

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Bio: Born in Provo, Utah. Raised in Utah, Texas, and California. Served a mission to Argentina Rosario. Married in 1978. Five children, thirteen grandchildren. Bachelor's degree in Psychology; Masters degree in Counseling; Ph.D. in Family Studies. He has practiced for over thirty-five years as a Marriage and Family Counselor. Served in the Church twice as Bishop, member of the High Council, Counselor in Mission Presidency, Young Men's President, MTC Branch President and Gospel Doctrine Teacher.

Courses Taught: LDS Marriage and Family Relations (234) Doctrine and Covenants 324 and 325, The Eternal Family (200), and Missionary Prep (130)

Areas of Expertise: Marriage and family; Doctrine and Covenants

Areas of Research: Marriage and family; Church history and doctrine

Languages: Spanish