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Thomas A Wayment

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Department: Ancient Scripture

Title: Professor

Office: 185A HGB

Phone number: (801) 422-6401

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Bio: I joined the Ancient Scripture faculty in June of 2000 after completing a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies at the Claremont Graduate School. My research areas are the Gospel of John, New Testament textual criticism and papyrology, life of Paul, and the historical settings of the gospels. My recent work has focused on papyri from Oxyrhynchus. I currently am serving as the publications director of the Religious Studies Center, and I serve as the editor of the Religious Educator.

Courses Taught: Book of Mormon, New Testament, Religion 250, ANES 495

Areas of Expertise: New Testament, Textual Criticism, History of Early Christianity, Papyrology

Areas of Research: Historical life of Jesus, New Testament manuscript traditions, life of Paul, Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

Languages: Greek (reading); Latin (reading); Coptic (reading); Hebrew (reading); Italian (reading and speaking); German (reading); French (reading); Spanish (reading)