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Visualizing Learning Student Art Exhibit

President Kevin J Worthen has encouraged BYU faculty and students to be involved in “inspiring learning.” To the faculty he said, “I hope we inspire our students to learn. And I hope that learning leads to inspiration. When both things happen, inspiring learning occurs, and we then know we are on the right track to achieve the core goals set forth in our mission statement.” [1]

Supporting Visualizing Learning Exhibit

Recognizing that student learning occurs in a variety of ways, BYU Religious Education has decided to recognize some of the outstanding artwork that students have created as part of their assigned projects in various religion classes. The result is a new student exhibit called Visualizing Learning: Student Artwork from BYU Religion Course Projects.

Each piece in this exhibit was carefully evaluated by a faculty committee and was selected for its artistic quality and for its demonstration of significant student learning—both types of “inspiring learning” mentioned by President Worthen. The Religious Education’s Administrative Council then approved each piece for display.

Each piece of art in the exhibit appears with a short description and an artist’s statement. We encourage you to read each one thoughtfully as you enjoy the artists’ creations.

The art is on display in the first-floor lobby of the Joseph Smith Building and can be viewed until the end of the year.

[1] Kevin J Worthen, "Inspiring Learning" (speech, University Conference, Provo, UT, August 22, 2016) BYU Speeches,

The art will be showcased during the BYU Religious Education’s annual Student Symposium that is during the second week of February. Information about the Student Symposium is available on their webpage.

Students Kate Christofferson, Kirsten Hirst, and Conor Searing explain the inspiration behind their artwork.