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Photo of Avram Shannon

Avram Shannon

Associate Professor
Ancient Scripture

316F JSB - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602


Dr. Shannon was born in Quantico, Virginia, and spent most of his young life in Virginia. He served a mission first in the Oregon Portland Mission and then in the Washington Kennewick Mission after the Oregon Portland Mission was split. Dr. Shannon earned a BA in ancient Near Eastern studies from Brigham Young University (2007), a master of studies in Jewish studies from the University of Oxford (2008), and a PhD in Near Eastern languages and cultures with a graduate interdisplinary specialization in religions of the ancient Mediterranean from The Ohio State University (2015).

He and his wife, Thora, have seven children.

Courses Taught: Book of Mormon, Gospels, Pearl of Great Price, Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel

Areas of Expertise: Rabbinic Judaism, Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Jewish Studies, Ancient Biblical Interpretation

Areas of Research: Idolatry and Image Worship, Jewish/non-Jewish Interactions, Tribal and Affinity Groups, Kingship and Priesthood in the Ancient World

Research Languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Other Languages for Comparative Purposes

Research Interests

Rabbinic Judaism, Mediterranean Religions, Biblical Law, Biblical Interpretation, Book of Moses and the Pearl of Great Price, Kingship in Scriptures


  • PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures , Rabbinic Literature, Hebrew Bible, Comparative Semitics, The Ohio State University (2015)


  • Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions (2019 - Present)
  • Association for Jewish Studies (2013 - Present)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (2007 - Present)

Courses Taught


Avram R Shannon
Avram Shannon