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Photo of Avram Shannon

Avram Shannon

Assistant Professor
Ancient Scripture

210C JSB
Provo, UT 84602


Dr. Shannon was born in Quantico, Virginia, and spent most of his young life in Virginia. He served a mission first in the Oregon Portland Mission and then in the Washington Kennewick Mission after the Oregon Portland Mission was split. Dr. Shannon earned a BA in ancient Near Eastern studies from Brigham Young University (2007), a master of studies in Jewish studies from the University of Oxford (2008), and a PhD in Near Eastern languages and cultures with a graduate interdisplinary specialization in religions of the ancient Mediterranean from The Ohio State University (2015).

He and his wife, Thora, have seven children.

Courses Taught: Book of Mormon, Gospels, Pearl of Great Price, Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel

Areas of Expertise: Rabbinic Judaism, Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Jewish Studies, Ancient Biblical Interpretation

Areas of Research: Idolatry and Image Worship, Jewish/non-Jewish Interactions, Tribal and Affinity Groups, Kingship and Priesthood in the Ancient World

Research Languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Other Languages for Comparative Purposes

Research Interests

Rabbinic Judaism, Biblical Law, Biblical Interpretation, Book of Moses and the Pearl of Great Price, Kingship in Scriptures


  • PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures , Rabbinic Literature, Hebrew Bible, Comparative Semitics, The Ohio State University (2015)


  • Society of Biblical Literature (2007 - Present)

Courses Taught


Avram R Shannon
Avram Shannon