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Gaye Strathearn

Associate Dean
Religious Education, Ancient Scripture

370D JSB
Provo, UT 84602


Gaye Strathearn is a professor in the Department of Ancient Scripture and in the Ancient Near East Studies program at BYU. She has taught at BYU since 1995, including a year at BYU’s Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. Dr. Strathearn received her bachelor of physiotherapy from the University of Queensland (Australia, 1982), a BA and MA in Near Eastern studies from BYU (1990 and 1992), and a PhD in religion (New Testament) from the Claremont Graduate University (2004). Her research centers primarily on New Testament topics, especially those of interest to Latter-day Saints.

Courses Taught: New Testament, Book of Mormon

Areas of Expertise: New Testament and Christian Origins

Areas of Research: The bridal chamber ritual in Gnosticism; the life and teachings of Paul; the Gospel of Matthew

Languages: Greek (reading), Biblical Hebrew (reading), Coptic (reading)


  • BPHTY , Physical Therapy , University of Queensland (1983)


  • Society of Biblical Literature (1993 - Present)
  • American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) (2018 - 2019)

Courses Taught


Gaye Strathearn Sarah Romney Gaye Strathearn Gaye Strathearn Gaye Strathearn Gaye Strathearn Daniel Lee Belnap Stanley Alan Johnson Gaye Strathearn Joshua Michael Sears Gaye Strathearn


Gaye Strathearn
Gaye Strathearn
Gaye Strathearn