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Jo Ann Seely

Adjunct Instructor
Ancient Scripture

303G JSB
Provo, UT 84602


Jo Ann Seely has a BA in communications and an MA in anthropology with a focus in ancient Near Eastern Studies from BYU. She has taught in the Program on Studies in Religion at the University of Michigan, at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, and at BYU.

Courses Taught: Old Testament 101 (Jerusalem), 301, 302; Isaiah 304; New Testament 111 (Jerusalem), 211, 212; Christ and the Everlasting Gospel 250; Book of Mormon 121, 122; Pearl of Great Price 327; Women and the Scriptures 392R (Jerusalem); History of Civilization Honors 201, 202; and Introduction to World Religions 201; Christian Tradition: Jesus to Vatican II, 203 (University of Michigan).

Areas of Interest: Old Testament, New Testament, Isaiah, Book of Mormon, Biblical Archaeology

Jo Ann was the co-recipient of the Honors Professor of the Year 2006 with her husband, David R. Seely.

Courses Taught

Jo Ann Seely