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BYU Model Passover Seder

The 2023 BYU Model Passover Seder will be held on Friday, March 17; Friday, March 24; and Friday, April 7. Click the link below to purchase tickets beginning on Monday, February 6, 2023.

BYU Model Passover Seder Tickets

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The BYU Model Passover Seder includes the biblical unleavened bread and bitter herbs, and features other festival foods and traditions of Passover, all in a specially catered meal. The Seder is hosted and led by Dr. Jeffrey Chadwick, BYU Religious Education (Jewish Studies) and Jerusalem Center professor.

It will be an evening of cultural learning with scripture connections. It promises to be an enriching experience, centered on an appreciation of the ancient Israelite and modern Jewish celebration that commemorates the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. This is a 40-year tradition at BYU.

Tickets for the BYU Model Passover Seder will go on sale on Monday, February 6, 2023.

Ticket prices

  • BYU student, staff, or faculty: TBA
  • General Public: TBA

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BYU Model Passover Seder

  • Date: Fridays, March 17, March 24, and April 7, 2023
  • Time: Begins 6:00 p.m. (Please arrive early. If you are traveling via I-15, plan for heavy traffic.)
  • Location: 3228 Wilkinson Student Center
  • Tickets:
    BYU student, staff, or faculty: TBA
    General Public: TBA

Frequently Asked Question

  • The dinner lasts approximately 3 hours.
  • Sunday dress is appropriate.
  • This service is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
  • Tickets will be available for on-line purchase through this page.
  • BYU student, staff, or faculty: TBA
    General Public: TBA
  • The BYU rate only applies to current students, faculty, or staff at BYU-Provo.
  • Tickets must be purchased prior to the event.
  • There is no assigned seating. Tickets are for a specific night but not a specific seat.
  • We are sorry, but we are unable to refund or exchange tickets.
  • Yes. Dining service can accommodate most dietary restrictions.
  • It is held in room 3228 of the Wilkinson Center.
  • There is parking east of the Wilkinson Center.

For further questions or for information on ticket purchases, call BYU Religious Education: 801-422-3611

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